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The amenities found in the LUX-2 represents the pinnacle of available luxury in a washroom trailer.
It impresses even the toughest critics.

This unit rises to the level of the most lavish events with fine crafted maple woodworking, marbled walls and speakers throughout. A level of opulence once thought reserved for indoor events is now available to you anywhere.

A standard service is performed once a week. Trained technicians clean the washroom, remove the waste and resupply the unit as required. Servicing can be scheduled more or less frequently to meet specific needs. All servicing performed on site is documented inside the unit for quality control. 24/7 emergency service is available.

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  • Lux2
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  • External 96" X 100" X 132" and tongue at 40"
  • Footprint required: 180" X 160"
  • Water capacity 65 gallons
  • Waste capacity 166 gallons

Included Equipment

  • Ceramic, low flush toilets
  • Urinal
  • Low flow sink with hot & cold running water
  • Mirrors
  • Liquid soap dispensers
  • Paper towel dispensers
  • Interior/Exterior lights
  • Heating
  • Air-conditioning


  • Unit can be plumb into sewer and a direct water feed can be installed
  • Trailer must be installed on level, solid ground
  • All prices are based on a maximum 1 hour setup (unless stated otherwise)


  • Must be powered with heat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • After delivery the unit must be powered & heated for 24 hours prior to being filled with water.

Included in our Services

  • Filling with fresh water
  • Emptying of waste
  • Filling the soap, toilet paper and paper towels
  • Washing the toilet, sink, mirror and floor
  • Client is responsible for the disposal of garbage

Power Requirements

  • 2 X 125 30Amp with Twist connector
  • Client can use an optional 2 X 120 15A adapter but air conditioning or heating will have limited capacity.
  • Client to provide any extension cords that may be required to connect the restroom
LUX-2 System
LUX-2 Layout

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