How Many Restrooms will I Need?

In general, sites should maintain a 1:10 ratio of units to workers based on a 44 hour week for traditional portables and 1:15 ratio of units to workers based on a 44 hour week for powered flushing units . Additional factors to consider are male:female ratio, food consumption and available room on site.

Cold Weather Tips

Follow these guidelines to prevent unnecessary service calls:

  • Your portable restroom should be placed in an accessible location for service vehicles, ideally near a road or paved area. As much as possible, insure that the unit is not plowed in and is away from areas where service trucks could get stuck such as steep embankments and muddy areas.
  • For flushing units, DO NOT flush paper towels or feminine products down the toilet, this is essential during cold weather. There is a potential for these items to freeze in the pipe and clog the unit.
  • For trailer wastewater tanks, heaters must be plugged in to an “always hot” 120 volt GFI receptacle. Wastewater tanks must be constantly heated to prevent contents from freezing.

Restroom Placement

Be sure to follow these guidelines when planning the placement of your unit:

Location: The unit should be located in an area that allows easy access for service vehicles. To ensure both the stability of the unit and that service vehicles do not get stuck, the unit must be placed on dry and level ground. Placing the unit on a paved surface is advised when the ground is saturated.

Placement: The size of the unit must be accounted for during placement. Place the unit in an area that exceeds its measurement. For trailer units, considerations must be made for the amount of space needed to maneuver the unit into place. Discuss any constraints carefully with your account executive. Provide as many details as possible, however small, in order to ensure a satisfactory placement.

Service: Service trucks must have access to the site and be able to maneuver as close as possible to the the unit for servicing.


We have several units that are compliant with Ontario Ministry of Labour standards. We recommend renting at least the Regulation Unit, which includes flush capability and sink.

Is servicing included?

Yes, Weekly service is included with the rental. See unit descriptions to find out more about service options.

Do you have toilets that can be moved with a crane?

Yes, we can install a crane hook on certain units for a nominal fee.

Do you have toilets that can go inside a building?

Yes. We have options available for interior units.