Give your guests the possibility of good hygiene!

The HandiWash station is vital at large scale events although its importance is often overlooked at smaller venues.

Any time food is served at an outdoor event these units are in high demand. When paired with portable washrooms without wash capability these units bear the load of maintaining a sanitary environment. At races, track meets and other athletic events these units are just as sought after.



  • External 157cm X 67cm X 54cm
  • Weight 32kg
  • Fresh capacity 83 litres
  • Waste capacity 91 litres

Included Equipment

  • Hand towels
  • Soap dispenser
  • Built in handles



  • Compact, multi-user sink system
  • Hands-free foot pump operation
  • 1,000-sheet paper towel capacity
  • Two 887ml soap dispensers
  • 1408 pumps of water

Included in our Services

  • Emptying the waste
  • Refilling water
  • Restocking of paper
  • Refilling soap dispenser